StuStuddog for borzois in Bauler
Breed standard for borzois FCI



































Barsoi Familien-Aufzucht/Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland


Deerhound Familien-Aufzucht/ Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland 







Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag an meinen wundervollen D-Wurf!

Heute ist schon ein Jahr vergangen als Heavie euch alle geboren hat! Immer wieder ein unvergessener Moment, wenn ich zum ersten Mal die neugeborenen Babys in meinen Händen halte! Es kommt mir vor als ob es gestern war und jetzt seit ihr schon alle so groß! Danke an alle Besitzer, daß ihr unseren Kinderchen so ein schönes, liebevolles Zuhause gebt! 

Happy Birthday to my wonderful D-litter!! <3
Today one year has passed as mommy Heavie has born you! Always again unforgettable moments to hold the newborn babies the first time in my hands! For me it seems it was yesterday and now you all have grown so big! Thanks to the owners for giving them such so beautiful, warm homes! 





Barsoiwelpen in Europa, Barsoi Züchterin RLP

Unser Barsoi-D-Wurf! Happy Birthday!


And already again yesterday it has meant to take farewell! :-( :-) Our Derek left us and went into his new home to Claus and Vera in Cologne! So funny! Derek was picked up as a little promi-the gentleman was chauffered home in a fancy car! Of course the roof has been closed! Also to you, my sweet baby boy:"All the best for the future with your new family! Sure you will bring them much joy! We will see us again soon!" Also see HERE !!


Today we've said good bye to three of our mice!

It was a wonderful afternoon together with YOU! Of course at the end again not  without tears-Dasha, Darina Maya and Damijan have left the house and now they live with their new owners! "We wish you three a lucky, further life in the new home! We know exactely, that nowhere it could better! Soon we will see you all again, my sweeties!!

Sighthound specialty show in Landskron/SE: Akira again was successful on the show in Landskrona! He was chosen for place 1 in the champion class and he was 2nd best male! Congratulation to Jenny Nilsson with Akira! :-)


Now again we have to take farewell! Our Dorogoi leaves his home as first D-litter-puppy and  he goes with his new family on a long journey to Finland! Although tears as always we say: "With joy we wish you all the best for your further life our beloved, well-behaved boy! Take care and bring a lot of sunshine in your new home-same as here with us!" <3



Our Belijana is American Champion! So fast it worked! Congratulation to Monika Sima to Utah! Of course we know what a great performance it is and we are so, so , so proud on our mouse! <3

ch an Monika Sima nach Utah! Ganz bestimmt wissen wir diese hervorragende Leistung zu schätzen und sind sehr, sehr stolz auf unser Mäuschen


Promising Borzoi puppy, male, 8 weeks old

With joy we present new pictures of our promising puppies in our PUPPY GALLERY and furthermore a new, funny VIDEO - on last Sunday they were 8 weeks old! All grows well-I think you can see! ;-) 3 wonderful boy are looking for a warm, lovely, special home! More HERE and under every single puppy name!


CACIL+CAC Rostock: On this weekend Akira was first time after his birth again back in his homeland Germany! And...! The boy was successful! First at Coursing-he won the 4. place with 90% of the points! On next day on the show he got his first German rating "VDH"! With pride we say: " Congratulation, you pretty boy and also congrats to your whole family in Sweden!







          "Happy birthday Isebette!" 

Today is a special day! Our grandma "Zebee" (Leicro's Russian Zebeede) has birthday and she gets 12 years! What a nice borzoi age! Furthermore our Deerhound puppies were born-a double reason to celebrate! We are pleased and hope, that we may still spend a lot of time in common with the wonderful bitch!

Here you can see the BIRTHDAYVIDEO! 



We have made new photos of the puppies-already 6 weeks old- here in our PUPPIES GALLERY !!! :-) 





BCOA Nationals Kansas/USA: Super! Super! Super! Belijana von Alshamina got her first qualifying score in Rally at the BCOA Nationals!!! We are soooooo proud and say: "Cogratulation Monika from the distance and kisses to our Jana girl!"

Barsoizucht von Alshamina/Deutschland

Erfolgreiche Barsois aus der Zucht von Alshamina in Deutschland/Reinland-Pfalz


Borzoibreeder Germany/Europe/Puppies



Here you find some new, nice single photos of our puppies under "D-litter"!  


It was so nice!!! Our first D-litter-puppy virsit in the house of Alshamina!  

 Photos here in the PUPPY GALLERY!





There is a new VIDEO of the puppies, 3 weeks old!



On Sunday our puppies will get 4 weeks! Short: We love them all! Everything is really fine, puppies develope great and mommy Heavie looks again as a pretty diva after the birth of nine! :-) New pictures  HERE !!



German breeding Borzois, Europe

Borzoi kids got their first meal!

At Easter our pups got today the first menü out of puppy bowl! Hmmmm.... It was tasty! After that first of all it went in the "washing machine"! Please look the photos under puppy gallery!


CAC Cologne: The weather was nice and we have met some good friends! Furthermore also our boy "Buran" and the little "Berjoska" came for visit us! What a joy! :-)

Borzoi, Breeder Borzoi Germany

Borzoi bitch Babotschka von Alshamina

And now here our show results: Babotschka unfortunately only got in the intermediate class/females a "VG". Why we don't know, the judge report was very excellent and without no defects!

Mariechen got an "Exc" without a placement! Also here there were no defects and we got no reasons from the early exit of the groupe in the open class/females! 

Ring judge was Mrs. Marki-Casanova from Swizerland!



D-litter Borzoi male puppies von Alshamina

Borzoi male puppies, D-litter von Alshamina

Now our puppies are 2 weeks old-eyes and ears are almost already opened!  Everything is well with mommy Heavie and her new family! We are very happy about our sweet, funny babys! ♥ 

New single photos you can find  HERE under every single puppy name!






Borzoi male Akira von Alshamina from Germany

SKC Malmö/SE: CH Akira von Alshamina again was successful! Under the evaluation of judge Mr. Levente/HU he got out of the Champion class best male2 and res.CACIB, which will be converted in CACIB, because the winner male of the CACIB does't need it! What a big luck for our boy! Congratulation to Jenny Nilsson in Sweden!






Now our puppies are already 1 week and 1 day old! The whole "9-pack" is healthy and frisky, also mommy Heavie, which plays and manage her role as mother again so wonderful! All babies have doubled their weight, because the dog mom has enough milk for all! So great! Under D-litter finally you can find single photos of the mice and the first VIDEO is online! Have fun while looking! ;-)  


 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our A-Litter von Alshamina! Today all of you get 3 years and you are grown to adult borzois! Thank you to the owners who take care so lovely of our sweet babys of that time! About this we are so lucky! :-) 


Birthday card for borzois 1 year old




Our "D-chens" arrived!!! :-)

More HERE! 





So..., the "baby pacifier" are washed nice and clean! Now it's time for our Heavie-mouse... the "bullet" is very heavy! Our girl on day 60 of pregnancy...Only still a few days...!

Trächtige Barsoihündin, Zucht von Alshamiina


CACIB Toulouse/F: The very first exhebition for our nice, silver Bolkhov von Alshamina! He has made everything super and won on his show premiere immeditately the 2nd place and the resCACS out of the intermediate class/males! The judge Mr. Coppel/NL meant, Bolkhov is a big jewel! How right he is! ;-) Congratulation to the owners Yveline and Francois Van den Berghe from France! We are proud on our/your pretty boy!

 CAC Dinslaken: Also we were busy under the judgement of judge Mrs. Krah-Heiermann from Germany. 


Barsois on show in Germany

Bogatyr got the "V2, res.VDH" with the 2nd place in the intermediate class/males! But our Bogy now will make a little exhebition break, because he is strong without hairs and we well wait until he is again a "complete" borzoi male! ;-) 

Babotschka gained the first place in the intermediate class/females and got the assesment "V1" and "VDH and res.CAC"! Unfortunately the ground in the exhebition hall was very smooth, so a reasonable running for humans and dogs was very difficult! 



Our Heavie on the 50th day of pregnancy! Everything is fine-the belly grows and the expectant mom has a healthy appetit! The countdown runs... still only aprox. 13 days! 



German Borzois, Borzoi Breeder EU

Borzoi in show, Babotschka von Alshamina

CACIB Gent/BE: It was our start into the show season 2016! Our borzois were busy: Bogatyr von Alshamina got Exc1 in intermediate class/males, Babotschka von Alshamina Exc1, too in intermediate class/ bitches and Aleshanee von Alshamina got Exc2 in open class/females! So nice results for our "childs"! Thank you to the judge Mr. Timothy Finney from Ireland! 




Valentine Runway Show/NL: Wow! What an extraordinary dog show! With an enchanting costume Antje presented our/her "Anna" (Ayana von Alshamina)! And... about the half final both pretty ones came into the final to the "Best in show"! Madness! :-) We are happy with the owners, also about all nice prizes and say proud: "Congratulation to the Netherlands!

Borzois, breeder from Germany for borzois

Our "Anna" on the Valentine Show in the Netherlands




And again a reason to celebrate!!!

We expect again sugar sweet borzoi puppies at the beginning of March 2016! More  HERE !


New borzoi litter in Germany/puppies



 Our very first born male did it!!!

Akira got the 1rst place on the borzoi top list of Sweden for the year 2015 (show and coursing combined)!

congratulation to Jenny Nilsson & family in Sweden! We beam with pride! :-)

More to Akira  HERE !!


Borzoi stud dog in Germany, BORZOI



Dog Show Winterswijk/NL: What a wonderful way to start in the new show season 2016! Aiyana von Alshamina (Anna) has done it again! She gained out of the champion class best of breed, in the honorary ring best of group and and at the end also the 2nd place on the "stairs" with reserve best in show! Congratulation to Antje Alberda and her/our Anna! We are so proud!

Borzois on show in europe, Borzois, sighthounds

Aiyana von Alshamina, BOB, BOG, BIS2 on Dog-Show in Winterswijk/NL 2016



"We are back home....  Heavie and Lakous got married!"

It was love on first sight and because it was so cold outside, the wedding has taken place in the living room! ;-)

All worked well, harmonious and without any problems!

Now we have to wait..., now we hope at the beginning/middle of March 2016 on healthy puppies!

Also see HERE!

A special thank you to Renata and her family for the hospitality and for the beautiful days in Czech!

Please for enlarge click on the photo




Our Anna (Aiyana von Alshamina) got the 2nd place in the borzoi-top-list 2015 in the Netherlands!!!

What a great performance... we are so so proud... so wonderful! Heartly congratulations to family Alberda and big thank you to Antje Alberda for that outstanding dog handling of "Anna"... you both are a super, pretty  team! :-)  

Successful borzoi bitch from Germany

Beautiful Borzoi bitch Aiyana von Alshamina



Hageland Kerstshow/Belgien:

Aiyana von Alshamina already again was very successful! She gained out of the championclass the BOB and in the honorary ring she was choosen for the 1st place as group winner with BIG! We are very proud on our wonderful girl! Thank you and heartly congratulations to Antje Alberda and family!


successful borzois, breeder/litter in DE

Successful borzoi bitch Aiyana von Alshamina



Youth class borzoi females

CACIB dog show Dortmund: Our young bitch Babotschka unfortunately was not the taste of the judge Mrs. Schröter/DE and there was only a "VG 3" in the youth class for our girl! :-( Nevertheless the judge report was really great! :-)
Mariechen (Aleshanee) was placed in the open class with a "Exc3" - also with a wonderful judge report without any objections!  It was a nice exhebition day and we have seen again many, nice people!



Finally it is here!!! Our new, nice "jewel" at the front door!  

To enlarge click on photo! 



 Ijssels- + Hanze-Show/NL:  Wow!!! What a show weekend for our Aiyana! Saturday the bitch gained from ring judge Mr. Gerard Jipping (NL) the great valuation "Exc.2, res.CACIB" and on Sunday on the Hanzeshow she was even more successful with the grandiose valuation "Exc1, CAC,CACIB" and BOB!!! :-) Our Aiyana-Anna loves to show themself in the show ring! So wonderful! The merit also goes to the owner Antje Alberda (NL) and her family! Congratulations from all of us!  

Barsoihündin Aiyana von Alshamina im Show Ring



Our first puppy meeting here in our house! Simply it only was just fantastically beautiful... connected with some tears of joy... overwhelming with 29 doggies transverse patch here in our garden... all the lovely insane funny and harmonious atmosphere... delicious, tasty meal...!
Until next year my dears-we are already looking forward to it!

HERE more Photos!




What a great joy!!!

Thank your very much to all owners of our "B-chens" for the wonderful pictures to first birthday of our "Alshamina-B-litter"!!



Today one year ago... never we will forget this joyful event!!! We are proud on the good dog mom "Heavie" who has mastered her thing so wonderful!
"Happy birthday to our B-litter and continued joy and good luck with your / our pretty little children!"  







Kynol Spirit Clubshow NL: Simply sensational!!! BOB, BIG and reserve BIS for our Anna (Aiyana von Alshamina)! on Clubshow in the Netherlands! Congratulation to the owners family Alberda with Antje, who presents our Anna always so wonderful!  









With joy we announce our next borzoi litter plans!

See HERE!!! 



Utah Valley Kennel Club/USA: Just today we received the photos - that's why only now this news! Belijana's first show weekend in Utah / Salt Lake City in May 2015! And wow! ... What a joy! The Little has won very proficient at the age of just 8 months! At the 02/05 she was selected from the Puppy Class out of the judge Mrs. Paula Hartinger for "Reserve Winners" and on 03/05 by Judge Ms. Bonnie Linnell Clarke received the rating for best bitch (WB) and "Best of Winners" (2 points)! What a fantastic performance! Congratulations to Monika Sima in the USA!  More about Belijana  HERE  !!  



Int. Dog Show Rotterdam / NL: We have a new champion in the family !!! Anna (Aiyana von Alshamina) was again successful and got in the open class with rating "V1, CAC, CACIB and BOS" their last note she needed for the title "Dutch Champion"! With much pride and joy we say "Congratulations" to family Alberda from the Netherlands! More of Aiyana  HIER !! 



CAC Ingolstadt/D: Our Aponi, the sister of Aiyana, was also today successfully and won a "V4" in the open class! Aponi has developed into a beautiful and elegant, young Barsoilady, too and Martina has presented the bitch absolutely outstanding!
For us, the small "Aponi-Moni" is definitely number 1... we are very proud of our  pretty "redhead"! Also here "Congratulations" to Martina and Thomas to Bavaria!

 More of Aponi  HIER !!




Club Winner Dog Show Cologne: The weather, the people and the mood were wonderful here in cologne!
Bogytyr became  "DWZRV Youth Club winner 2015" and ge gained the youthBOB! :-)
Also "naked" without her nice curly hairs our Babotschka got in the youth class/females the 4th place with "V4"! We are very happy about this results, Bogy and Babbi were the youngest in their classes, and also because the competition was big!
Thank you to the friendly judge Mr. M. Sistermann/DE! :-)  

More photos  HERE !! 



CACIB Genk/B: In the winning class there was great competition for our Heavy, but she has been set with pride on the 3rd place with a wonderful "V3"!
Mariechen won the 1st place with the rating "V1" in the open class! Very fine and thank you to the judge Mr. Harsanyi from Hungary!



CAC Landstuhl: We were allowed to drive home with wonderful, blue ribbons! Thank you to the judge Mrs. Marpe and Mr. Knauber! :-)
Babotschka won with the puppyBOB and got also puppyBIS 2! Her brother Bogatyr was selected for puppyBOS and Mariechen took the CAC in the open class and is now in the waiting loop for her last CAC for the DWZRV champion title! We have had a nice day here in Landstuhl! :-) More photos  HERE  !! 





Nationale dog show Saarbrücken: In the open class/females our Mariechen did well again and  was chosen on the 2nd place! Also she got the Res.CAC! The judge report was excellent-better it couldn't be! About this we are very pleased! :-) More photos HERE  





CACIB Rijnhal/NL: Congratulation to Anjte and "Anna" (Aiyana von Alshamina)! Both made in the open class the 1rst place and got the Res. CAC and Res. CACIB! So wonderfull... Anna will inherit the whole CACIB, because the winners female already is Intern. Champion! We are pleased with you! :-)



CAC Gelsenkirchen: Yes ... !!! This time we have ripped Micha and Babotschka off and the Bogy has done with the JüngstenBOB the race! :-)
Mariechen was also placed in the open class and was on the 3rd place with "V3" Thanks to the  judge Mr. Keith Prior from Australia and congratulations to all the winners! :-)


                    More photos  HERE  !! 



CACIB Show Hässleholm/SE: Akira again was successful and gained the 1rst place in the champion class/males with the assessment CACIB and he got also best male with "BOS"! Congratulation to Jenny Nilssson with family in Sweden!


Clubshow Lelystad/NL: Our Aiyana also was successful this weekend! She gained the 2nd place out of open class/females at the Borzoi  


Club Show and... she was chosen for "Best head of the females"! We say here, too: Congratulation to Antje and family in the Netherlands!

We are so proud and overjoyed about all that wonderful news of our "childs"! 





EU-winners Dortmund/GER: Yesterday at the European Winner Show in Dortmund were reported total of 46 Borzois! Unfortunately, the borzoi ring was very small! :-( We were also there and Mariechen got in the open class / females the 3rd place with "V3"!  Thank you to the judge Mrs. J. Szanka from Hungary! Congratulations to all the winners!
So this time we were quickly at home and could enjoy outside a bit the beautiful sun in the garden with all our "babies"!



Yes..., what a successful show premiere for our Belijana in the USA!!! Saturday: First place puppy class and "RESERVE WINNERS BITCHS", Sunday: First place puppy class and "WINNERS BITCHS" and..."BEST OF WINNERS"!!! :-)  

We are so happy and congratulat hearly to all that wonderful results of last weekend! Keep it on Jana and Moni! :-)  More to Belijana  HERE !! 




CAC Darmstadt: It was a wonderful day..., we have met nice people..., achieved great results and... we remainded almost dry!!! ;-)
Thank you to the judge Mrs. Krah-Heiermann for the great reports ! :-)
Youth class/males: Bogatyr von Alshamina Vvsp1
Youth class/females: Babotschka von Alshamina Vvsp1, YouthBOB
Open class/females: Aleshanee von Alshamina V1, VDH, CAC, BB, BOB!

More photos  HERE ! 



"Happy Birthday Isebette!!!"

(Leicro's Russian Zebeete) 

Today our pretty, dear borzoi grandma get 11th years! We are pleased about further, common, wonderful years!  More about her HERE! 




CACIB Goes/NL: Anna was again successful! She gained Excellent 2 + res-Cacib!!! Her Judge was mr M van Iersel from the Netherlands. Congratulation to Antje Alberda and her family from the Netherlands! "Well done, Anna and Antje!"

More of Anna HERE! 





CAC Cologne: What a weekend!!! Today it was premiere exhibition in puppy class for our B-chens! All have  mastered excellent for the first time with the encouraging results: Our Bogatyr took the youngestBOB and Buran with Kornelia a vvsp 2 at the males, Belijana with Monika youngestBOS, Our Babotschka a vvsp 2 and Berjoska with Mara a vvsp 3 at the bitches. In addition, our Mariechen has won the 1st place in the open class! The judge Mrs. Marpe / D was thrilled with all of our "little children" ... thank you for this!
At the same time a sad day: At the end of the exhibition it was said goodbye to our Belijana flying tomorrow with her new owner in the USA! "Have a nice trip and good luck for your new home, our little treasure!"

More photos  HERE !! 


DKC CAC Show in Nyköbing-Falster/DK: Also for our Akira out of the A-Litter it was a great weekend! He got CAC and BOB here at that show! Now he is Danish and Swedish Champion! Hearty congratulations to this wonderful success to his owner Jenny Nilsson from Sweden! We are very proud on her boy!   More look  HERE !!




"Children, how time flies! Now you're at all so great...!"
Congratulations on 2nd birthday to our lovely "A-chens" and
a big thanks to their wonderful owners who prepare the kiddies a loving, beautiful life! It make us very lucky!





Today our Mariechen aquired out of intermediate class the valuation "V1,VDH,CAC"! Thank you to the judge Mrs. Schröter from Germany! We have had a lot of fun with dear friends!





CACIB Mouscron: A wonderful start in the new exhibition season 2015! In intermediate class Mariechen won with "V1" and also she got Res. CAC and Res. CACIB! Thank you to the judge Mr. Zéférino from Portugal!  







 And the new year begins grandiose for our "Anna" (Aiyana of Alshamina)!
On the club match show in Winterswijk Anna today won the intermediate class with Exc. 1, then the BOB and finally even at the group competition the BIG 2! Excellent performance! Congratulations family Alberda! We are very proud of our beautiful girl!



All our "little children" have found their new, loving people and thus all are no more available!

We thank you heartly for your trust  and wish you all the best for a long, common life!
Already now we are looking forward to our next borzoi litter, planned for autumn/winter 2015! :-)



Our first puppy today leave the house! "Have a nice time, my little Bolkhov... You will get a wonderful, new home with wonderful people + animals-I'm very sure!"

More photos click here! 




Today our puppies are 10 weeks old and we have taken new, current photos! They are already grown well!
Each puppy now has its own page! Have fun while watching!
Click here for the kiddies!




"Today we have been vaccinated and microchipped of our dear Uncle Doctor! It was not so bad and we were all brave! We already are big! " ;-)







Our puppies are now 6 weeks old and we have taken new, current photos!
In addition, each puppy now has its own page, so we can still add a lot of nice pictures and videos in the future! Have fun while watching!
Click here for the kiddies!




Now it's official! Our Mariechen is New German Youth Champion DWZRV! We are very happy about this!  




Congratulations to Jenny Nilsson and Akira! The two were once again very successful at the Swedish Sighthound Club show in Vallentuna in Sweden! Our boy from the A-litter in the intermediate class  he  won with the notes: V1, CAC, BOB and Best Male 3! Yeah !!! :-)




What a funny spectacle ...! The first menu without Mommy Heavie leaves some traces! :-) Puppies did it taste-all were thick full! ;-) Photos you see  HERE ! 










"Children ... how time flies!" Already three weeks ago, as the small sugar mouths have come to the world! The first deworming is given-which has not at all hurt but not good! :-( Nonetheless: What must be, that must be! :-)










And once again a reason for being proud to our offspring: Dog Show in Zwolle / NL: "Aiyana von Alshamina, intermediate class, judge Mrs. B. Beare / Ireland, 2nd place, Res.CAC, Res.CACIB" :-)
Congratulations to Antje Alberda with her Anna! <3   




Now our little mice are already 16 days old and they already have their weight more than doubled! So it should be ...! Heavie has very good milk and she is a super dog mom! The puppies are developing well and for us it is always very difficult to decide who now stay with us! We just love them ALL ... it's so bad-so terrible! All mice have open their little eyes and the first steps are already working well! So beautiful to watch!  

New single photos you find   HERE  ! 



Today at the Belgian Borzoi clubshow we got again a great result of our Anna (Aiyana von Alshamina)!
She became excellent 1 in intermediat class!!! We are very  proud of her. Judge for today was Mrs. Degryze from Belgium! Congratulation to Antje Alberda and family! More results of Anna see here! 





Simply so so happy! Our babys have arrived!
8 healthy, strong, beautiful little children - 4 boys and 4 girls! Dog Mommy Heavie is doing fine and has made everything super!

Look also  HERE ! 







CACIB Giessen: Joy! The conditions for the title of "New German Youth Champion DWZRV" Aleshanee has fulfills today! Thank you to judge Mr. Baumann!




Our Heavie on day 45 of pregnancy! She feels super good and she has a very healthy appetite! Only 18 times to sleep...!




Now it is time! Our Borzoi-A-kiddies were in the past few months so busy and have made several enormous successes and titles!  Finally  this must now be mentioned  once here! We are so proud of everyone and congratulations  again to  the owners for this great performance! See more under the single name HERE!


Click on photos to enlarge! 




CAC Erkrath-Hochdahl: A pity!  The judge Mrs. Müller/CH didn't like our Mariechen and we only got the note "SG". :-( Nevertheless congratulation to the winner! :-) 






Today we were at the ultrasound with Heavilini! And .......:
                     "WE GET BABIES !!! Jupeidi and Jupeida-Fideralala!" :-)  

I've seen them in Heavies belly how they wriggle funny back and forth! We are so happy!  

More HERE under future!  




Today 3 Alshamina children were equal diligently on different exhibitions and successfully in the junior class! Our Mariechen on the CAC exhibition in Hünstetten with the placement: "V2, Res.VDH, Res.CAC" sister Aponi at the CAC in Mammendorf with the same review "V2, Res.VDH, Res.CAC and sister Anna on Intern. Dogshow in Liege / Belgium also landed on the 2nd place with "Exc. 2 "!

A great success for all 3! We say congratulations and we are happy as ever! :



Finally were able to celebrate the long-awaited and planned borzoi wedding! Heavie has finally married her Simba! We are very pleased and now we hope that this mating  will bear lovely fruits at the beginning of Septemer 2014!


More see under Future here!                                                   The first view! ;-) 



CACIB Saarbrücken/D: Our heavie is just fantastic! In short: "Rose of Heaven Sokolow" won from the champion class V1, VDH, BH, BOB, CACIB and was also Saarland Winner 2014! Thank you to judge Mrs. Wild from Switzerland for this great review! In addition, there was in the ring of honor  a great joy: Heavie took the 3rd place in the group competition with a score of BOG3 under the evaluating of Judge Mrs. Mach from Switzerland! Many thanks to both judges for the wonderful results!
It was very hot today here in Saarbrücken, but it was worth it once again! We are very proud!



CAC Ingolstadt: What a very special day for us! Heavie today met her two little children Aponi and Ayasha -both also started with her sister Mariechen in the junior class! This was an event ... Nanny Nadja was proud like Oskar with the three girls to run together in the ring! There were also great results for us: Mariechen "V1, JgCAC, JgVDH, JgBOB" Aponi 2nd place with "V2, ResJgCAC, ResJgVDH" and the sweet Ayasha unfortunately only a "good", although it certainly wasn't the fault of the pretty bitch and the great showing of the owner Maria! ;-) Mama heavie achieved a "V1, VDH" in champion class! Thank you to Judge M. Levente / HU for the great results of our Borzoi!



CAC Erkrath / Hochdahl:

Today only our Mariechen started at the Borzois. She pleased the judge Mrs. Krah-Heiermann rom Germany very good, but unfortunately Mariechen did not go quite clear, so that there was  a "V4" -but still a good result, what we extremely pleased with such great competition!







CAC Cologne: The judge Mr. Baumann/GER liked our "Mariechen" (Aleshanne von Alshamina) very much and she won in the youth class out of 6 bitches with the notes "V1, JgdVDH, JgdCAC, JgdBOB"! I'm very proud of my lovely puppy! :-) 



Intern. Dog Show Luxembourg: Today was our lucky day! Equal 2 females were new Luxembourg Champion! As for Deeri Oliana was today for my borzoi bitch "Rose of Heaven Sokolow" a successful day! With exc1, CAC, CACIB, Best Bitch and BOS she won from the champion class and is now new Luxembourg Championesse and also she got Crufts qualification! In addition, we have met Heavies daughter. Aiyana was in the junior class and got the note "EXC3"! Thank you to the judge Mr. G.B. Tabo from Italie for that grandiose assessment! I'm really happy about this great exhibition start for 2014! We had a lot of fun with nice friends!



Intern. Dogshow Leiden / NL: Our Anna has now also another successful show result achieved! She came to the 2nd Place among the evaluation of judge Mr. Andre vd Broek from the Netherlands! Thanks for the good rating and congratulations to Anna and Antje for the wonderful success! I am very pleased! See also under "Litters/Aiyana"! 



CACIB Malmö / Sweden: Akira reached today at the International show for the first time from the junior class out: V1, 1CQ and best male4! Thank you to judge Mr. Theo Leenen for the great review and congratulations to her owner Jenny Nilsson from Sweden! I am very pleased with you!

See also under "Litters/Akira"! 




Happy Birthday to our A-Litter-childs!  

How time flies ... exactly 1 year ago I brought 6 small miracles with my hands on the world! My first litter ... I think for every breeder a fascinating and unforgettable experience! We all say "Happy Birthday" to all  "little children" and thanks to the great owners! (See also under "Litters/respective single side"! 




Intern. Dogshow Groningen/NL: And once again "Anna" did it so well! Today the bitch was assessed out of the youth class with exc1, YouthCAC and Res-CAC under judge Mr. T. Hehir! Congratulations to the owners to Friesland and a compliment to Papa Frans Alberda for the perfect presentation!  



CACIB Nürnberg: Today Martina and Aponi started for the first time at an exhibition! Both did their best and showed an excellent ring presentation. Unfortunately, the judge Mrs. Schröter / D not decide so good for the pretty bitch and there was only a "SG 3" ... for whatever reason! So sad - but the next performance will certainly do everything better! You were great and I'm proud of you ... will definitely make further!

More photos you can see under "Litters/Aponi"! 








Hoogstraten/BE: With joy we received the good news today by Antje that "Anna" has won her first CAC in Junior class! Many thanks to Judge Rudy Brand from Denmark for the great result and to Daddy Frans, who has so successful today presented our little Aiyana in the ring! Congratulations to whole family Alberda! We are very proud! (See also  HERE !) 



CACIB Karlsruhe: After a long outtime now we can exhibit finally our heavie after their "baby break"! It was very exciting in the ring and it was called: Runing, runing and again for a run! Then Judge Mrs. T. Deres / RU decided to our happiness and Heavie won in champion class with the value of notes: V1, VDH, Res CACIB! We are very proud of our pretty borzoi lady!



It's incredible! This weekend 3 of our "little children" were once again very successful!
Aiyana (Anna): Borzoi Club show in Belgium, judge Mr. Laurent Heine: Vvsp1, Puppy-BOB and Puppy-BIS! She was also selected as "Best Borzoi female head!" :-)
Akira: Kennel Club Gröngölingen in Sweden: Puppy-BOB and Puppy BIG 3! :-)
Awinita (Ulla): CAC Gelsenkirchen in Germany: Vvsp1 and Puppy-BOB! :-)
Of course we are very delighted and congratulate all owners to these wonderful results!

(See more HERE under "Litters" and the single name!) 



Because so great, nice people had fallen in love with our Aponi, we have now decided to give her away. Today it was time ... Aponi was immediately impressed by their new owners Thomas Falk and Martina Forster! After a long drive the bitch arrived well in their new home in Bavaria and there also feels really good! We are very pleased! We wish you all the best for the future, common time! More also HERE!  


In addition, we received good news today from the Netherlands by Antje! She has worked with our Aiyana (Anna) on the club show KC Sneek / NL  and won the wonderful review Vvsp1, PuppyBOB and PuppyBIS! Congratulations for this great success to Antje and Anna! See also HERE!



This weekend our puppies have become 6 months old and were almost all the same successful active in the puppy class!
Akira won in Laröd / Sweden puppy BOS, Aiyana achieved in Ammerzoden / Netherlands very promissing 1/puppy BIS 2,  our Awinita won in Cologne / Germany with a very promising 1/ Puppy BOB, for her sisters Aponi was here very promissing 2 and for our Aleshanee very promissing 3!
Now if that is not a reason to celebrate? We are very proud of our babies!
Congratulations to all! Singlephotos see here! 


More photos LS cologne here! 



Dogshow Örkelljunga/SE:

We are so proud! Today Akira had his premiere! With the value notes BOB, BIG and even puppyBEST IN SHOW 2 the big boy finished his first and thus very successful show day! "Congratulations, Jenny and Akira!"  






Kynospirit club show, NL: Our little Anna (from Aiyana Alshamina) has successfully participated today at her first show in the Netherlands: It was rated BabyBOB and then it was still the third place in honorary ring for BabyBIS's from judge Mrs.Marieke van Veluw!

Well done, Antje and Anna! We are pleased and proud like Oscar :-)  

(More photos  HIER  !) 



Except for our little Aleshanee and Aponi all puppies have now been moved into their new home! Aleshanee stay with us.
We wish the new owners all the best for the future with the new family member! "Take care, my little sunshines!"




Our "Indians-litter" is there!

Today our Heavie has born 6 healthy puppies, 1 male and 5 females! Dog Mom and babys are doing well!More here!


I could hugged and smootch the whole world!!! Yesterday I was no longer in a position to announce the good news here ... too much champagne! ;-)
Yesssss ... it worked! Our Heavie will be mom and we expect in the middle of March 2013 with great pleasure our A-litter! :-)




Finally time was coming! After a long trip to Scandinavia today our enchanting "Heavie" has married her, pretty, swedish lovely-boy "Oleg" !
The bride-groom did it grandiose - Heavie was very satisfield with their choice!  

Well done, Oleg! ;-)
Now we hope that love will bear fruits

See also under "Zukunft/Future"! 


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