Barsoi Familien-Aufzucht/Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland


Deerhound Familien-Aufzucht/ Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland 





Sighthounds in a       "roundabout way"     

       ... or: The beginning of a special passion                                                             

 Indeed quite a lot of dog owner has experienced a certain moment or a situation when he had found somewhere, sometime once to his favourite dog or his favourite race. Maybe it was an experience which one passes on toother dog friends with joy and which one remembers over and overagain back.


Without I own literary abilities or such, I would like to give to take along to you with the following lines with pleasure something personal, a small autobiographical segment, to the better understanding about the origin of "Alshamina".

One may forgive me possible mistakes of grammar and mistakes of orthography! :o)  


Animals have always played a big role in my life. Since I can think, four-legged friends are a part of the family. Already in the infancy I always dreamt of a big dog - about I had in mind one sheepdog, Irish setter or a Dalmatian … exactly... this thus! Instead, the place reached in our floor rent flat in the opinion of my parents only for a small dog, so that we owned in the course of the time around each other a long hair dachshund, a midget schnauzer and a hybrid dog which I loved, nevertheless, and looked responsibly with after it.  

Alica + Mary-Lou (1994)

Meanwhile adult I led my own family life, was married and had two children, Nico and Alica. A small Westhighland-White-Terrier-bitch (the "Cäsar" race was, by the way, in the 90th such a kind of "fashion dog") called "Mary-Lou" belonged to it with, since I got as a gift them for my 22nd birthday unexpectedly.

On a surprise party the comical, small, snow-white puppy with a red loop around the neck was laid to me engagedly by my family in the arms. I was very happy, because I had my own dog! 

However, in spite of the joy in Mary-Lou he still was there: The wish for a big dog!


Then one day this happened determined, unforgotten moment in my life which I already mentioned at the beginning of my history:  

As so often we went with the children to a nearby pizzeria. I see it still certainly before myself as if it had been yesterday!

At the next table there sat three people. By chance I observed like myself there the down hanging tablecloth suddenly moved and to my surprise a long, dark dog catch with a big, black nose appeared. 

It did not last long and the leggy dog crept with distinct calmness slowly and skilledly under the table and presented his full splendour. I was completely entrancedly from this scene - it was a pleasure, besides, to watch! 

The animal came up to me and animated me to be stroked what I put into action of course with joy immediately. Woh … this was a feeling... I will never forget it! This silk-soft fur, the loyal look with the almond-shaped, deep-dark eyes and above all: This imposing size!!!

Without interruption and with creeps my hands glided in long, gentle trains by the coat of hair what the dog also liked. When my breath did not falter, finally, any more, I asked eager to learn and with enthusiasm the owner of the animal for the race which I had never seen before and was completely foreign to myself to date.

And thus I got to know: It was a borzoi dog - a Russian sighthound.


 I floated on cloud 7... and hunger I did not have already three times any more!:o)))


From this time my thoughts did not let go me any more. On bending and break I wanted to have such a dog and started looking, called several veterinarians, asked at animal homes and turned the leaves through all dog magazines after. Unfortunately, unsuccessfully I had no Internet - to be honest: I do not know at all whether there was already something at this time.  Nobody could provide information to me - nowhere I found something about borzoi. 


One day got in to a veterinarian, even completely near me who owned two Irish wolfhounds. He betrayed to me the name of his breeder with the remark that to me can help, perhaps, in my "borzoi problem".


Said - done! I went to previous, telephone appointment arrangement with my man and the children to Solingen tothe known and successful dog breeder Mr.Jürgen Rössner, breeding site "von der Oelmühle".  

With a cup of tea in a pretty, small pavilion Mr. Rösner, my husband led and I a very nice, long conversation and I got in this manner a lot of information about sighthounds. It was a nice, promising visit - but with results! Though did I know now of gratifying manner some names of borzoi breeders, however, drove not only man,woman and children back in the direction of native country ….no … what, nevertheless, everything in such a small VW GOLF takes place?!? A twelve weeks old Deerhound-puppy sat together with my daughter Alica and me on the back bench, contently and close together rolled on my lap.

 Well, so it can go! At last my first sighthound was no borzoi, but a Scottish Deerhound (Scottish deer dog) called „Austin Reed von der Oelmühlel“, called " Jim-Bob" which might enter after the visit with Mr. Rösner unpredictable as a small present with us.  


Alica plays with Jim-Bob (1997)

Jim Bob was a nice dog with whom I visited on the occasion of sighthound exhibitions, so that I got every now and then a small idea of the scene on this way. Of course ran to me there also over and over again of borzoi with her dreamlike, athletic bodies and her charming, floating way work through the way. For me stood firm: There was no

 something else determining in my life!  


Therefore I saved for a new, because though Jim Bob enriched me on one side, however, on the others low tide was announced in my little monetary bag first once extremely! :-)  

To allow my aim, I worked as a waiter on the coming week-ends in a discotheque and earned, such a thing in addition.  


Then the time had come and the highlight was approaching! Looking for a suitable breeder I came about the magazine "Our Sighthounds" to the breeders Manfred and Christa Langer from Germany, kennel "von Chrima-Hyvadora" who owned at that time their A- litter  from the successful parental animals "Hyvanoe des Coursiers de Nikoleievitch" and "Isadora de Nikolaiev".   

I had luck! From this litter one bitch with brindle brown coat was available! Only one  bitch! And this should absolutely become my - MY  FIRST  BORZOI!   


To my luck the married couple Langer from Wuppertal entrusted me the small twelve-weeks old „Ana-Lena of Chrima-Hyvadora“, finally, which we mostly called"Lenchen" or "Lena".   

Now from this day my dog herd existed of Mary-Lou, Jim Bob and Lenchen, was complete therefore and was contented me   a t   l a s t !!!


Many years three four-legged friends gave to me a lot of pleasure.The time came in which to me unavoidably, as well as nowadays many other married couples also, a separation of the partner remained not saved.

Unfortunately, as a single mother it was impossible to take all three dogs in the future, small flat and to keep.  

Of gravity heart I had to decide. I do not know why... I cannot explain it- our Lenchen might remain. Anyhow she stood next to me.

Very sad, with many tears, abdominal pain and bad suffering of my heart, but somehow still with a good feeling, I gave my boy Jim Bob the Sighthound Help, where he was initially placed in a foster family. It was awful-I never forget, when the Trunk door of the vehicle from the animal care closed and I could look for the last time my soft, gray mop of curly  (I knew it was the last time!)  into his pretty, faithful, dark button eyes. An unforgettable image ... I see it today with sadness in front of me.


I keep the next months reluctantly in recollection, because they were very difficult and gave some, many problems.On account of the new,informal situation I withdrew from the sighthound scene completely.


The children and the dog were mine one and everything and the only one in this time what remained to me.

Ana-Lena, always on my side, went together with us by thick and thin. Nothing and Nobody could have taken away them from me... I believe, then I would have become the "Hulk"! Maybe one may not and should pronounce it, actually, at all, but the bitch had a value in my life, near to that of the children and thus I also protected them. 


Mostly good ones follow bad times!  Now happily and again married, plus child younger generation, plus dog increase, my new family existed of a man, three children, a borzoi bitch and a castrated Labrador dog.Thus passed some years. 


 After 11 ½ years of loyal company came, regrettably, the day which we shuddered before always. One meant to say goodbye. My small Lenchen which gave me all years consolation if I had hard time me cheered up and changed the subject if I was sad and gave myself every day on' see new joy, left us in the 3/23/2009 and went the long way about the rainbow bridge. 

 I think, every dog owner can understand as one feels in this situation.  It was bad, was very bad very much! We have howled snot and water and I looked endless as if I had a heavy Klitschko fight behind myself, my eyes did not go down at all any more because I started over and over again pouring tears. We wanted to have it simply right: Member of the family had left us for good! The bitch was absent in all rough edges - an indescribable emptiness settled the house. 


 Still while we were very sad and missed Lena strongly, it became clear to us: Never as a substitute, but for deflection a new borzoi should as quickly as possible here, so that we can better process the whole. Since, as everybody knows, a small puppy provides for fresh wind in the family and brings them on other thoughts. 


Legolas 12 weeks old

And as he conjured like lightning new minds property and distraction here!!! Our second borzoi, this time a male, entered with us: „Legolas vom Tollhaus“ from which breeder Brigitte Döring entitles at that time as a „quiescent pole“ made to this name absolutely in no regard honour!:0)

The small Puppy held us, if he held not exactly his baby sleep, incredibly on trot, because he had nothing as nonsense in the head! Small "Lasse" lived after the thougts: "Hunter and collector!" The cats were irritated so long in her basket, until they left, finally, hastily the field and then he could exercise the great play "running behind". The puppy could use remote controls, mobile phones, Barbie-dolls, socks, shoes (best from guests), soft toys, newspapers, toilet paper and a lot more well and collected everything with joy in his dog bed.
Every day we were surprised, what we could find there again!



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