Barsoi Familien-Aufzucht/Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland


Deerhound Familien-Aufzucht/ Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland 







Barsois und Deerhounds in Rheinland-Pfalz


Here's a new VIDEO of our 7-weeks-old Deerhound kiddies!





Deerhound puppies in Europe/GER


After a lot of nice borzoi-puppy-visitors finally I have time to present new photos of our pretty Deerhound childs! They are already now 4 weeks old and have grown well! Have fun while watching here in the PUPPIES GALLERY!

Furthermore here is a new VIDEO!


Today, there are unfortunately not good news. We are very sad- our little "Emma" out of the E-litter has left us suddenly and unexpectedly and went the long way over the rainbow bridge. Nature has so decided. Now she lies here in our garden on a nice place. We will never forget her. In memory of our little mouse, we renamed the bitch "Estelle" on wish and request of the new owners into the name "Emma-Estelle". We are pleased about it, so our Emma lives further a bit in her sister Estelle.


Our Deerhound puppies now are 1 week old! They grow very well! In our Puppy gallery you can find new pictures!


Our poor Ciarda girl!!! Early in the morning she have had an accident in the garden! We don't know how and where... it is a mistery to us...12 cm her flank was open with a lot of blood! :-( Just we are back from the clinic! Ciarda was so brave-after surgery and anesthesia she was really happy to come into my arms and I was happy to hug my girl again! Hope she will not have too much pain.






Hurra..., our new Deerhound mice are there!  

With pride we are very happy to announce this wonderful, good news today! :-) ♥

More  HERE!! 


Soon it's time... soon our nice, grey "mosquitoes-kiddies" will come!!!  Today it's day 56 of pregnancy!
Oliana-Mosquito is feeling good and now we hope on a problem-free Deeri birth!

Deerhounds in Germany



DEERHOUND Breeder/puppies/litters

DEERHOUND Breeder Nadja Koschwitz/GER

CAC Cologne: The weather was nice and we have met some good friends! Furthermore our borzoi boy "Buran" and our girl "Berjoska" were there for visit! It was joy pur! :-)

And here the result of Ciarda! She got the third place with a "Exc 3" in the youth class/bitches! The judge report was really fantastic! Judge was Mrs. Märki-Casanova from Swizerland!




Time flys!!!

Happy Birthday to our C-litter mice Ciarda & Conner!

Now you both are 1 year old and already so tall as real Deerhounds!

We wish you all the best for the further life years with your dears! 

Deerhound breeder Lux/BE/DE

Deerhound birthday card


Hurraaaaa... it has worked!!!!

We expect sugar sweet Deerhound puppies in the middle of April 2016!

More you can find here under litter plans!


Deerhound pupies from German breeding




Ciarda von Alshamina on dog show in Germany

CAC Dinslaken: Ciarda has started in the youth class/females and she got of the judge Mrs. Krah-Heiermann/GER the 2nd place with the valuation "V2, Res.Jgd.VDH, Res.Jgd. CAC"! The judge report was grandiose-it could not be better! Just I have to say on this place: In the ring Ciarda is opposide the judges still very cautious and a little bit anxious! This is because some weeks ago while we were walking in the wood a strange man kick her very strong with his foot without any reason, because he thought, she wants to bite and will attack him! So bad and sad, that there are again and again some silly people! Since that time our Ciarda is with other people very cautious. :-( We work a lot with her with many patience, takes her everywhere with us and we hope, that she will get back the faith in the humanity as she have learned here with us in her birthplace. Because of Ciarda's shyness-so the reasoning of the judges, exactely as last week on dog show in Gent/BE- unfortunately she could not get the 1. place!   



Deerhound, Deerhound breeder in Germany

Deerhound on show, Ciarda von Alshamina

CACIB Gent/BE: It was our start in the show season 2016! For our Ciarda von Alshamina it was the official show premiere! She did very well and got Exc 2 in youth class! We are very happy about this result! Thank you to the judge Mr. Timothy Finney from Ireland! :-) 




Finally it was time! Our Mosquito has married!!!  

More  HERE ! 




Finally it is here!!! Our new, nice "jewel" at the front door!  

To enlarge click on photo!   



Our first puppy meeting here in our house! What a joy! Simply it only was just fantastically beautiful... connected with some tears of joy... overwhelming with 29 doggies transverse patch here in our garden... all the lovely insane funny and harmonious atmosphere... delicious, tasty meal...!
Until next year my dears-we are already looking forward to it! 

For more pictures please click on photo!!!







 There are new photos of our twins!

Please click HERE!




"It was an exciting day! Now we are already 8 weeks old and today we have received from the dear Mrs. Doctor two Piercer! We were very brave and are now microchipped, vaccinated and were also more thoroughly examined! Everything is fine ... we are very healthy!" More HERE! 




So .... the first worming we have survived! This tastes not at all
 good you can see, right? But it must be in order to stay healthy! :-) More about us HERE !!



Our "mosquito children" are finally here !!! After a long day and a long night today our Oliana (Mosquito) brought a healthy, strong boy and a healthy, pretty girl on the world! Dog mommy and puppies are fine! We are very happy about our beautiful black mice! (More see  HERE!!)



... And we wait and wait and wait ... but still everything is OK and in the green zone! The babies dancing merrily in the thick belly back and forth .... Oliana makes it really exciting and is quite relaxed! :-)




"Soon my babys will come! To be pregnant is little strange... I'm still only tired!"  

Oliana on 55th day of pregnancy



Good news.... Oliana is pregnant!!!

I know: On the ultrasound-photo everything looks like a moon landscape! But believe me: In the small, dark bubbles there are babys! And we have seen like they move in it! Sooooooo beautifuuuuuuul!!! 

Also see   HERE  ! 



CACIB Mouscron/B: Juhuuuuu...! What a wonderful start in the new exhebition season 2015! In intermediate class Oliana won with "V1" and got also the CAC, the CACIB and the BOB! Now the bitch is new International Champion and Belgium Champion! Thank you to the judge Mr. Zéférino from Portugal! We are very proud on our good mouse, which may be called from now "Multi-Champion"! :-) 





Our Oliana got married!!!  More HERE ! 




"Our Oliana and we wish you all a nice and hamonious advent time!" 



Unfortunately, there is no nice news today. Oliana will not get a puppy. We are very sad about it. Nature has so decided.



Also here the the wedding let grow and thrive the "sweet" fruits! Today is the 41th day of pregnancy and everything goes until now wonderful! Although Oliana's appetite coult be a little better because of the nausea, but she is spoiled and gets only the best menus, as it is the right for an expectant mom! Little roundings can be seen already now ... Mücki takes so slow to form! ;-)




 Wedding in the house of Alshamina! 

Laron and Mücki has married today! More you can find HERE (or under "Future"!) 




CACIB Saarbrücken: Our Deeri-girl "Oliana vom Blausteinsee" was again very successfull! She got out of the open class the great marks "V1,VDH,CAC,Res.CACIB"! Thank you to the german judge Mrs. Piesik!
Here it was very hot today, but nevertheless it was a nice day with nice people!




 CAC Ingolstadt: Here in Ingolstadt, it was very nice, but in the show ring today there was unfortunately no joyful event! To our great disappointment our Oliana got out of champion class of judge Mr. Levente from Hungary only the note "sg"!
His reasoning for this: Oliana is not a breed typical Deerhound! Well ... actually completely incomprehensible for a multiple championesse, but you also have to  plug defeats (if they are then fair!;-))



CAC Erkrath-Hochdahl: Judge for Deerhounds today was Mr. vom Lehn of Germany. To our pleasure Olianchen received from him the score of "1, VDH"!
Again a first place! :-)






CAC Cologne: Our "Mosquito" (Oliana vom Blausteinsee) now is new German Champion VDH and new German Champion DWZRV!!! Yeap...!
The judge Mrs. Gadolin/SE liked our grey mouse very much and so we got the notes: V1, CAC, VDH! "Well done, Olianchen!"





Intern. Dog Show Luxembourg: Today was our lucky day! Equal 2 females were new Luxembourg Champion! As for Borzoi Heavie was today for my Deerhound bitch Oliana a successful day! With exc1, CAC, CACIB, Best Bitch and BOS she won from the champion class and is now new Luxembourgish Championesse and she also received the Crufts qualification! Thank you to judge Mr. Pero Bozhinovski from Macedonia for the excellent assessment! I'm really happy about this great exhibition start for 2014! We had a lot of fun with nice friends!


Yeap...! My Olianchen did it!  I am very pleased about the first Place in the German Deerhound Toplist for the year 2013!
Out of 86 bitches Oliana won at exhibitions clearly with 53 points!
Congratulations also to all of the following positions!





CACIB Kortrijk/BE: Today our Oliana  was not very good mood and seemed a bit tired in the ring. But dogs do not always have the same mood of the day and then we people should take into consideration. As always, we took it without compulsion and quite loose and lo and behold: The Belgian judge Mrs Rita Reyniers still gave us a great review: "Exc.1, Res.CAC, Res. CACIB". Oliana is started for the first time today in the open class! It was a great day for Nadja, because she could also here enjoy her birthday! :-)





Bundessieger Dortmund: We have not won the title, but the rating for Oliana was very satisfactorily considering the total  assessments of Deerhounds! Judge Mrs. Marpe / D gave us an excellent judge report with the notes: "V2 Res.VDH, Res.CAC"!
Moreover, it was a wonderful day with nice dog friends here in Dortmund! :-)



CACIB Dogshow Brüssel/BE: Under the valuation of judge Susan Kealy from Ireland our "Mosquito" got out of intermediate class the wonderful notes : Exc1,CAC,CACIB, BOS and she was Belgian Winner 2013! :-) Is not that great? Mosquito again was very enchanting in the ring. We are so pleased about our grandious, shaggy mouse! 

More photos HERE!  



Landwinner Cologne: Today was a very nice show day for Oliana, because here after a long time her mom "Fenya" (Vet BOB) and numerous other "Blausteinseer relationship" has seen again!
In the ring Mücki was again successful and delighted us with the review "V1, VDH, CAC" from the intermediate class! Thank you to judge Mr. Olaf Knauber / GER!

We had a great day here in Cologne! :-)




Int. Race KSW, Cologne: Today our Oliana has completed her solo run to confirm the sharpness of rabbits successfully! She was not the fastest - but we can say that the fastest Deerhound here today;-) Thus, the conditions for the DWZRV Championship after the waiting year (March 2014) are been fulfilled! :-)  

 Video here! 




CACIB Kirchberg/Luxembourg: A total of 10 dogs of breed Scottish Deerhound participated under assesment of judge Mr. Sistermann from Germany in this competition. Oliana started in the intermediate class and got result of: Exc2, Res.CACL, Res CACIB! :-) A great result for this exhibition!





Nat. Bremen: On the second day in Bremen we had luck and success! Judge Mrs. Finney / IRL found our Mücki great and so we again won from the intermediate class with Excellent 1, VDH, CAC, BH, BOB this round! Oliana has once again shown excellent - then you are pleasured and very proud of your  beautiful girl! :-)  


 More photos "Nat. Bremen"   HERE  ! 



CACIB Bremen: Our Oliana won at the Deers with "V1, VDH, CAC, CACIB, BH, BOB" from the intermediate class at Judge Hern Finney from Ireland and later in the main ring, or to the group competition the greyhound the "Big 2" by Judge Eberhard from Germany!  


More photos "Impressions CACIB Bremen"  HERE  !!!  









Clubwinner show cologne: Viva colonia!!! :-) Yeeeees..., she made it!:-) Out of 25 Deers my sweety "mosquito child" (Oliana vom Blausteinsee) won out of intermediate class with the notes "V1, VDH, CAC, BH, BOB" the title "Association winner 2013"! Thank you to judge Mr. Münstermann/DE! More photos you can find   HERE  !!!





Wandhonfestival Mersch/Luxemburg: The exhibition in Mersch is a small, but still very beautiful exhibition! The weather has played well, we've met nice friends and  judging there was also a good review! Among the Deerhound we got in intermediate class under judge Mrs. Desquartier / F Notes: V1, Res CACL!  




CACIB Genk/Belgium:  Today, only 2 Deerhounds were announced: 1 male (champion class) and 1 female, our Oliana, (intermediate class). However, we were very pleased with the win! Judge Mr Coppel / NL  found that our Mücki was great and he gave her  the good notes V1 CAC, CACIB, BH, BOB! : o)







CAC Gelsenkirchen: Once again we were lucky! The judge Mrs. Gielisse from the Netherlands enjoyed our Oliana! We started in intermediate class and won the first place with V1, VDH, and continued to receive CAC, BH, BOB ... Super! :-)





CACIB Saarbrücken: An exhibition day with great  results! Oliana again won her class of race and also our girl was still Saarland winner in 2013! On the assessment of Judge Mrs. Märki-Casanova from Switzerland we were very happy: V1, VDH, CAC, CACIB, BH, BOB. :-) But most were pleased that Oliana got 2nd place at competition of group (BIG 2) of all sighthounds under judge Mrs. Reniers/B and thus we could stand with on the big staircase! :-) More photos here!  




In bright sunshine our "Mücki" (Oliana vom Blausteinsee) won at the CAC exhibition in Erkrath-Hochdahl on Saturday at the Deerhounds: "V1, VDH, CAC, BH, BOB"! Thank you to judge Mr. Langer! We are pleased about this wonderful result! 





Here at the CAC show in Oberhausen, the weather was not really nice - rain, wind and icecold! As a consolation our Deeri girl Oliana received in the intermediate class, the value note "V1, VDA, Res.CAC". Thank you to Professor Friedrich Richter and contender judge Mr. Sistermann (Junior). :)

More photos here! 




Intern. DOG SHOW Luxemburg: Yeap...! My sweet girl "Oliana vom Blausteinsee" won from interm. class "Exc1, CACL, CACIB,  BB, BOB"! :o) Thank you to judge Mrs. Martha Kips/L





At CAC-dog show in Issum  Deerhound bitch "Oliana"  from german judge Mrs. Schröter in intermedian class received the good notes "V1, CAC, VDH"!  

It is first CAC for our litte, enchanting "Mücki, Mücki"! :o) 



After a longer exhibition pause yesterday we were with our "mosquito" in Hoogstraten/Belgium (CACIB and received in intermedien class of judge J. Coppens (NL) notes: V2, ResCAC, ResCACIB! :-)



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