Barsoi Familien-Aufzucht/Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland


Deerhound Familien-Aufzucht/ Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland 





Oliana vom Blausteinsee, *30.10.2011

(Readwald Thor to Kilbourne -  CH Fenya vom Blausteinsee)




Oliana, also called "mosquito", brings joy and comfort in the house. With the typical Deerhound charm our dear wrapped, grey mouse all, human like dog, quickly and easily around her paws!

Oliana has full dentition with beautiful scissor bite and she has an excellent anatomy! She measures a size of 78 cm and her weight is 40 kg.

Character and appearance of the female are absolutely standart and her wide, elegant movement is already since her youth age very grandiose!

Oliana has successfully started together with us on 05 May, 2012 her exhibition season in the puppy class.  Already on the first judge's report with the sentence "Dark bitch of high, excellent quality ..." we have already been very proud! Now she is our pretty Multi-Championesse - also to be a reason of pride! Nevertheless, for us the most important thing is: Oliana is very healthy and a real treasure of  gold!

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Internationaler Champion

Beligischer Champion   

German Champion DWZRV

German Champion VDH 

 Luxemburgish Champion 

Saarlandsieger 2013

Verbandssieger 2013  

Belgian Winner 2013 




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Eingetragener Deerhound Züchter seit 2010.... Deerhoundzüchter im DWZRV, VDH und FCI...Deerhoundwelpen mit DWZRV/VDH/FCI-Ahnentafeln!