Barsoi Familien-Aufzucht/Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland


Deerhound Familien-Aufzucht/ Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland 







All we wish merry christmas and a good slide into the year 2013!!! 

Excitedwe are waiting onChrist-child and on  Heavie's season! :o) 



CAC Erkrath-Hochdahl

Yeap...! He has made the race!!! Today VDH champion Legolas received from judge Mrs. Peschge the notes "V1, CAC, VDH, BR, BOB"! Therefore he also completed his Championat "German Champion DWZRV"! We are glad about the success of our dog!:o)

This time, unfortunately, Oliana received only a "sg 3" in the youth class - but for her age she was again very nice in the ring!


Sighthoundfestival Donaueschingen

Today everybody out of our 3 "from the petrol Station": Legolas, open class / males "V3", Heaven, open class / bitches "V2, Res. VDH, Res. CAC" and finally our Mosquito in the youth class with "V3"! Also we were pleased here very much with the results - all three dogs were placed!

We had a nice week-end in Donaueschingen!


Sighthoundfestival Donaueschingen

On first day in Donaueschingen only two dogs were announced, namely borzoi Legolas and Deerhound Oliana. The result was very satisfactory: Lasse got from 6 dogs in the open class the 2nd place with the note "V2, Res. VDH, Res. CAC" and Oliana it was placed in the youth class with 7 bitches also on the second with the mark: "V2, Jg. Res. VDH, Jg. Res. CAC".

A great result!!!


CAC Hünstetten

Our new Championesse!!! Our Heavie did it - today she made under judge Mr. Wiersma/NL "V1,VDH,CAC,BB" and got her last

CAC for the titel "German Champion DWZRV"!




Clubwinner exhibition Colone   

Today on the clubwinner exhibition our little "mosquito" has received under judge Mr. Jürgen Rösner "vvsp1/puppy BOB" and after this in honourary ring the bitch of pleasing manner was selected by judge Mrs. Peschge still for the 1st place at puppy-BIS-competition! Many thanks for it!



Landwinner Darmstadt 


Here all three dogs were presented: First the borzois: Legolas, oc / males, with the assessment "V3", afterwards the good Heavie, oc/ bitches, with the value mark "V4" and in the end the smallest of us, Deeri Oliana in the puppy class with the marks "vvsp1 / puppy BOB". Everybody three has appeared exemplarily in the ring and was placed in spite of the sunny, high temperatures and "mosquito" received even the 1st place... is, nevertheless, supi!:o)


Wandhondfestival Luxembourg   

 In Luxembourg we have performed only our Deerhound bitch. The little Oliana showed her excellent movement also here again and presented itself for her age quite rather very professional. To the reward there was in the puppy class the notes "vvsp1, best puppy" and in the honourary ring the 2nd place "Puppy BIS 2".              *JOY*




Annuel Deerhound exibition Landstuhl 


 With the exhibition premiere of our small "mosquito" everything has clapped excellently. She was the youngest from 7 bitches in the puppy class and has still run quite masterfully on the 2nd place and, besides, received a really super judge's assessment! This has pleased us very much! <3Today our borzoi bitch Heaven was not so successful. Unfortunately, she received only the note "sg". Pity..., but it was, nevertheless, a great day together with many friends!!!





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