Barsoi Familien-Aufzucht/Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland


Deerhound Familien-Aufzucht/ Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland 




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What a pity - Heavie will not be Mama - no Babies for us.:o(((  We are a little bit sad, but also we are looking forward and try it again in next season!

See more under "Future"! 

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Wedding!!! <3 <3 <3 




It is accomplished!!!

The charming "Simba" (champion of FI, SE & EE "of golden west Hearty Taifun", * 5/3/2007) has married on the 25./26.04.2012 our enchanting "Heavie" ("Rose of Heaven Sokolow", *28.03.2009) and now we hope at the end of June, 2012 for pretty, healthy puppies!


Because of  health reasons our "Lasse" (Legolas vom Tollhaus, *28.01.2009), unfortunately, could not be the bridegroom, so that we have chosen a cousin of Legolas for mating of Heaven.

Many thanks to the succesful, finnish breeder Kaisa Talvenheimo (Kennel Coverdale's) for her vigorous support! 

More see unter"future"! 



CACIB exhibition at Luxembourg: 

Wow..., today here  were announced of a total of 45 borzoi - there we already knew that it becomes very exciting!  

And see there: We achieved a satisfactory result in spite of the big competition, because the Argentine judge Mr. Filippini placed our Heaven on the 2nd place with the assessment  "V2, Res. CACL" (Open class / bitches) and our Legolas on the 5th place with the assessment  "V" (champion class / males).

Because the exhibition rings were very small and the dogs couldn't show their good movements, the result still for us has been really good!:o)


And today our small Deerhound bitch Oliana was here with ust again as an accompanying bitch and made her first practise attempts in the ring: "Well done, Oliana - practise makes the master!":o)



           More pictures  klick on photo and see under "31.03.2012"! 







We could not really believe it and have been glad tremendously about the wonderful placement of Legolas and Heavie in the Borzoi top ten list in 2011:      


Both on place 4!!! 


Is this not great?!?   See also under 

German Borzoi top list  2011!















Belgium / Genk: A great start in the new exhibition season 2012! After a short  but  nice run our Legolas gained the "V1" with judge Mr. Deutscher/A in the open class /males, afterwards in the jump-off with the champion's class the "CAC" and in the end there was still the "BOB"! A wonderful, pleasing result!

Heaven received the "V2" with an excellently assessment in the open class / bitches!

And because we have forgotten our camera once again with nothing but excitement at home, we thank Geert and Greta Schalenbourg for the nice photos!:o)



The new year well starts, because today the time was there and a confidential wish came true: The small Deerhound bitch "Oliana vom Blausteinsee" - also called "mosquito" has entered with us!The whole herd has received them on the heartiest and person like dog are happy and contently with the new member of the family, our small, "grey mouse"!


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