Barsoi Familien-Aufzucht/Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland


Deerhound Familien-Aufzucht/ Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland 






For all friends we wish a blest  Christmas and a good slide into the new year 2012!

By now we are glad about a nice, common exhibition season and a reunion! 

Till then... completely best regards from Nadja, Micha and the rest of the "Koschwitz- gang"




BIS Breeding group "Kennel Sokolow"/CH 



We experienced a lot of bustles and a lot of excitement today on the CACIB exhibition in Stuttgart!

Although we felt at the beginning of a little indisposition because 1. the borzoi rings were very small and 2. were valued us only after a heap of whippets and long waiting thus about midday with our dogs, we still had luck again!

With judge Mr. Voytek/SK our dogs achieved both an excellently assessment: In the open class/males  Legolas won there with the marks "V1, VDH, CAC, Res. CACIB" and in the open class/bitches was for Heaven also "V1, VDH, CAC, Res. CACIB". The beauty at the fact is that we inherit the CACIB for the bitch!!! A great, pleasing result!  

Unfortunately, some assessment results for the borzoi in this date of issue were not so good, so that understandable-wise here and because disappointment came by days which we could feel personally.

For us the day went on on directing the borzoi at 16.30 o'clock, however, still thrilling, because with Heaven's breeder, Mrs. Gabriele Schmid (Kennel Sokolow) and Nadja we took part together with 4 dogs in the breeding group competition and then there one said after an exciting decision by judge Mr. Müller/GER: "And on place 1-............... THE BORZOI!" Yeap...! This was a great  joy!! In the end the success became contented, with champagne and good mood famedly!!! A nice week-end in Stuttgart!






Today a nice, free of stress and, besides, still successful exhibition we might experience here in Leuven/Belgium: Shania found a nice playfellow for the whole day and was occupied (very well!!!), the dogs were relaxed on the whole and Micha showed no track of nervousness!:o) Although at the moment without much coat of hair Legolas was bringing forward in the open class/males with judge Mrs. Doppelreiter/A, he won the 1st place + CAC+CACIB. Therefore we have tackled a small hurdle for the international Championat and are glad about it! Heaven was also not presenting here, unfortunately, yet, however, the next week is issued in Stuttgart on the CACIB exhibition in the 11/5/2011 again with her.







Yeap...  it is created!!! Now Lasse is new "German champion VDH" and we are glad very much about it!

On both exhibitions in Dortmund the good boy achieved in the open class the same assessment! First on the Bunddessieger exhibition with judge Mr.Harrison/GB and one day later on the national exhibition with judge Mrs. Lennartz: "V1, VDH, Res. CAC". Is this not great?Unfortunately, Heaven was not announced here because we thought, that she is perhaps pregnant.

Two strenuous dates of issue - but it has been worthwhile really and we were allowed to take a great result with on the way home!





As already supposed our both didn't choose the right wedding moment and the "accident" will stay without any "consequenz"!

After two ultrasound-check up's Heavie isn't pregnant absolutly. Even though we would have been happy about the surprising baby-boom, but it is not so bad and now we are glad to announce our "regular" planned, first litter for spring 2012!

Then Legolas may and should make a good job!!! ;o)







Today on the land-winner's exhibition in Cologne our bitch Heaven got the 2nd place in the open class and male Legolas place 4 in the open class.

Daughter Shania still took a pretty loop with home and won with judge Mrs. Giellisse/NL of 10 kids with the "child with dog"-com-petition the 2nd place together with the dear Heavie! *SMILE*




Now it has happened earlier than has intended! Because our small daughter Shania opened a closed  door,  the hot-loving Legolas broke out

from the garage and made happy his Heaven - quite romantically, lonely in twos in the high grass in our garden! We came something too late to the "wedding ceremony" - the couple was united quite "firmly"!; o)

We are glad very much about this mating and hope that the stork will soon fly in our house!

(Further details here!)





Today on the CAC- exhibition in Gelsenkirchen there was a premiere for Michael: For the first time he presented our male Legolas in the open class with the Swedish judge Mr. Hübenthal because Nadja had to go exactly at the same time with bitch Heaven in another ring. And see there - both boys have made a good job and were a great team!!! Who would have this thought - there was the gratifying assessment: V1, VDH, CAC!

In contrast to the "ladies' team" which were not so successful, unfortunately, today. Here there was only one "gut" in the open class :o (... what  a pity!)Round about, nevertheless, it was a successful exhibition again which we could divide with many friends and enjoy. In the evening the whole family Koschwitz was falling dead-tiredly in the bed!






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