Barsoi Familien-Aufzucht/Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland


Deerhound Familien-Aufzucht/ Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland 




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In Hünstetten on the land-winner's exhibition we have met many known borzoi friends! Besides, the judge Mr. Karel Horák/CZ was quite a ridiculous little fellow who broke up a little the atmosphere in the ring with his amusing remarks.

In short: Our Lasse booked in the OC place 2 of 7 dogs and received the Res. CAC + Res. VDH. Heavie also reached in OC the 2nd place from 3 bitches with the claim Res. VDH. So once again a very satisfactory result. Therefore, there was of course after judging again a little glass champagne which we might enjoy together in a nice round with a lot of fun!




Viva Colonia... and once again we were placed! Though on the club-show in Cologne we were not present completely in front, the "V4" of 8 participant borzoi dogs probably still earns achieved Legolas in the open class.  This time Heaven might not take part because she is a swiss girl and on this exhibition only dogs with a DWZRV-pedigree can take part.



At the moment the stars seem to stand for us well!

At the "Wandhond festival 2011" in Luxembourg we were recompensed for our ring presentations with gratifying victories: In the open class/males there was for Lasse the "V1" + "CACL" + "BOS" and in the open class /bitches for Heavie which was better once again a kink, "V1" + "CACL" + "BOS" + "BOB", in the end in the honourary ring reached them still, in addition, BIS4 from 13 dogs and in the pair class we  Three ran together on the 3rd place!!!  In spite of the warm temperatures and in spite of the very uneven ground  Legolas and Heavencould be presented themselvesmiraculous, so that the Canadian judge Mme. Jocelyne Gagné was inspired about our both from the noses up to the tail point.

Thank you to Nina for her performance help by the BOB- decision!

For the achieved orders there were 3 pretty loops, 2 cups and 2 bags of feed. Nevertheless, it is fine, isn't it!?!:-D




"Yeap" on a new!

Today on the national dog-exhibition in Saarbrücken won our Heavie in the open class, received the value mark "V1, VDH" and was selected in the connection for the "CAC"! :o) 

Legolas was valued with "V2, Res. VDH, Res. CAC".

Once again a super result for our couple - once again we are absolutely contented, but also completely tired; o)  and with a pretty price driven at home.



Now we have not counted on it really!

Fortunately, the CAC-breeding show in Gelsenkirchen with judge Mrs. Thompson from Ireland brought us immediately two victories to the celebration: First of all Legolas started in the open class with 12 competitors and got "V1, VDH", in the next evaluation the "CAC" was assigned to him and then in the end there was still the "BOS" with which he was appointed as the best male.

 As a second "V1, VDH" won itself our Heaven in the open class with 9 competitors and received from all "V1 bitches", besides, still the CAC . 

Therefore, both dogs had to go for the BOB- decision together in the ring, so that dad Micha stood there absolutely unpredictable as a dog-performer! *SMILE*

Is that not really niiiiiiiiiiiiiice???




Bonjour Belgique!!!

One luck day for our both here on the Open show in Poulleur: Today Legolas won in the open class/males and received the value mark "V1", the best male (BM) and, besides, against the best bitch still became best of his race with "BOB"!  *SMILE* 

CAC's  were not awarded here on this show.

The assessment of Heaven was gratifying also. She gained the "V1" in the open class / bitches and won together with Legolas the 1st place in the pairclass- competition.

Then in the end in the honourary ring there was as small "I dots" for our "Lasse" one more cup for the 6th place at the choice of "best in show"of 11 BOB- dogs.  

The weather was superior, Sammy, Isebette and Shania had fun in the adjoining brook with a competent cooling; O) and we might take nice prices with home.

A great day in Belgium!



Hip, Hip... Hurray!!! In Offenbach there was once again reason for the celebration and a pretty loop!! In the short exhibition time since March, 2011 got our Heaven today already to her 2. CAC in the open class! :-)

MaleLegolas gained the value mark "V" in the open class and was therefore with the judgement once again not so good like his sweetheart !;o)

Besides, the little Shania got together with Heaven the 2nd place with the "child & dog"-competition and took as a price a cup and a thick dog sausage with at home! (Ups... wrong... the dog sausage did not reach any more our house; o))

Weather, people, mood completely super!

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