Barsoi Familien-Aufzucht/Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland


Deerhound Familien-Aufzucht/ Züchter/Welpen in Bauler/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland 





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After we received so numerous, nice comments about our homepage, the motivation attacked us in the weekend to begin outside by now with the establishment of a suitable puppy's outlet.

So daddy Micha did  start during the small exhibition break briefly resolutely and once again not lazy the construction of a small dog house in the garden.

Littlel Shania and all four dogs found the project "Dog villa" very exciting and, besides, watched curiously!

And to the reward because Micha was so diligent all doggis got a whole-day-Snack!:o)))



Also on this week-end in Haan-Hochdahl the weather has joined in and adapted itself to the judge Dr. Montero from Spain! Without "Olè" or other word he awarded to our "Lasse" of 7 borzoi in the open class the note "V" and to our Heavy of 6 borzoi ladies in the open class the note"Sg". All together were announced of 30 borzoi. In spite of the not quite overpowering results we did not let ourselves spoil the mood and enjoyed the reunion of some of the nice borzoi friends with whom we have laughed after the judgement still a lot! It was a nice day in Haan-Hochdahl!



To the CAC-breeding- show in Cologne were announced of 39 borzoi with judge Mrs. Lennartz! Of it allone 11 borzoi-males count to the open class and our Lasse got under the last 5 dogs until decision the note "Excellent". 

In the open class of bitches Heaven was better than the "big boy" :-) and won with swing the 2nd place with a V2!

The heat gave a hard time to the dogs, nevertheless, both they have shown to themselves fantastic in the ring! 

We people found the temperatures pleasant and enjoyed the sun and the nice day in Cologne!





Today at Sachsenheim there were to our surprise immediately 3 nice cups for 3 great results: Heavy won with judge Mr. Sistermann her first CAC in the open class:o) with the assessment V1, CAC, VDH, Legolas and Heaven received place 1 for the best pair class and daughter Shania got with Heavy in the "child & dog" competition still a proud cup

For Legolas there was a V2 in the open class what we have been glad of course also very much about.

Again the sun has not disappointed us - around: The exhibition at Sachsenheim was great!





The LS-exhibition in Oberhausen quite was more special and a successful day for us! The long waiting had been worthwhile (the borzoi were directed only about 14.oo o'clock), because Legolas had created it with the value marks V1, VDH, CAC up to the land-champion Baden-Kurpfalz 2011 and was every now and then the best dog and best of his race! (BR, BOB)

Besides, we are particularly glad about the success of Heaven which has begun scarcely her exhibition season and today the substantial value mark V1, VDH, Res. CAC from judge Mrs. Szanka from Hungary received.With beaming sunshine the great results of our dogs were celebrated of course on site with nice borzoi friends and a little glass champagne properly!:o)




On the 19.03.2011 we began in Ostercappeln Heavens exhibition season.   After it was issued the first time by us and had mastered her thing excellently, she received from referee man Mr. Langer the value mark "Excellently".

Legolas also agreed "Superior". We were contented with the achievement of our dogs, because the competition was big and, besides, well!It was a nice and above all sunny date of issue once again!:0)))



With the international exhibition in Offenburg our "Letting" a "V1" plus the claims "CAC, VDH und Res. CACIB" won. We were pleased with it very much!

Moreover, Heaven has seen again there her breeder Mrs. Gaby Schmid after some time: It was nice to watch this greeting - it was nice to meet Mrs. Schmid!



Today we were in Belgium / Hoogstraten. A successful day for Legolas. He received the value mark "V1, Res. CAC+Res. CACIB"

Heaven was only a companion - but she was quite really very professional while practicing in the ring!


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